Samuel Bloomfield

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Transmission and evolution of bacteria during the course of enteritis outbreaks

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Bacterial enteritis is inflammation of the intestines due to the actions of bacteria and the host's response. Outbreaks of bacterial enteritis continue to be a problem in New Zealand and worldwide. Mr Bloomfield investigated the genomes of bacteria that cause enteritis outbreaks, and how they evolve over the course of outbreaks. One such New Zealand outbreak caused by Salmonella lasted 10 years. Mr Bloomfield demonstrated that this Salmonella strain was introduced into New Zealand on a single occasion, before it spread throughout the country, and was frequently transmitted between multiple animal populations. Another study involved a patient that had excreted Campylobacter for 10 years. Mr Bloomfield demonstrated that the patient had been continuously infected during this time, and that the Campylobacter had become resistant to the antibiotics prescribed. His research findings provide valuable insight into these bacteria, how they evolve and how to combat future bacterial enteritis outbreaks.

Professor Jackie Benschop
Dr Philip Carter
Associate Professor Jonathan Marshall
Dr Anne Midwinter
Distinguished Professor Nigel French
Professor Patrick Biggs
Professor David Hayman