Khaldoun Shatnawi

Doctor of Philosophy, (Poultry Nutrition)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Investigation of Energy Partitioning in Modern Broiler Chickens

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Mr Shatnawi investigated the energy partitioning in modern broiler chickens. The findings of his research, at limited protein intake, the efficiency of energy utilisation for fat deposition was the highest from soybean oil and tallow followed by starch and lowest from protein sources. Under unlimited protein intake, the modern broiler chicken has an upper limit for protein deposition of 22 g/day. Also, a simple growth model has been developed based on energy partitioning concepts, and his model can be used to predict the carcass composition and broiler performance.

Professor Patrick Morel
Professor Ravi Ravindran
Dr Rana Ravindran
Associate Professor Nicola Schreurs